Winter Kahn Painted by David Oil on Canvas, 30”x40” $800

Winter Kahn Painted by David
Oil on Canvas, 30”x40”

winter kahn

“It’s here to come” – Winter Khan

Winter Khan was born in Santa Ana, California and was raised in the foster care system from a young age. At the age of 18 she found herself homeless after the foster care system ended. Even though she was homeless she went to college and was learning photography. She dreamed of being able to take pictures of all the street art in Santa Ana. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. She is now 22 and still homeless with only a few people who she can trust. Her best friend, and her boyfriend unfortunately was murdered. She is now all by herself. Regardless, she doesn't let this bring her down. She always keeps her head up and a smile on her face; grateful to be alive.


David, 17

Dreams of an animator
Important influence: Walt Disney & other creatives
Grateful for: My family, clothes, a roof over my head

When I signed up for this class I honestly really just wanted to paint with oil paints on a big canvas, but what I got was much more. I was able to get to know a homeless person and see how they got into the position they are in. I also realized how different and nice and loving each person really is. Before this class I was honestly scared of homeless people. I thought they were crazy drug addicts or drunks. I would try to avoid them on the streets and treat them as lesser than me, but now that I see how wrong I was. Not all homeless are like that. Homeless people are still human beings with feelings and emotions like everyone else. They just don't have the luxury to sleep in a bed like we do. Winter Khan is this beautiful young lady who unfortunately has had several rough early years, but nevertheless, she is still smiling with hope that things will get better. This is why I decided to paint her with warm colors like oranges, peaches, and reds to symbolize that. Then I went with some blue as a compliment to orange which also makes her blue-green eyes really stand out and a light blue background to make the face pop out.