Will & Veronica

“Doctors told me I had 3 to 6 months to live” 

On July 27th, Will and Veronica's life changed forever. They found out their landlord wasn't paying the mortgage with the rent she was receiving. In addition, after being evicted, their house was seized and the landlord kept all of their belongings and they were on the streets with nothing. They won their court case and are now fighting for their settlement, but their landlord has no assets to pay her dues. I pray one day they replace their physical items, but a settlement can never fix the emotional toll they've sustained. 

Will, Veronica, and their three dogs now live in a Chevy van with their small family. Veronica's lupus and Will's diabetes complicate things even further. Years ago, Veronica's diagnosis left her paralyzed and doctors speculated she'd live no longer that six months. Instilled in her now isa fight to succeed. She looks at life different now after being so close to deaths door. Together, this family continues to fight an uphill battle. I ask that you all welcome them to the Faces of Santa Ana family.