Shawn “Rerun”

“Something about reading this book makes the start of my day better” 

Seven years ago ReRun left Philly and relocated to California. He explained he was running from who he had become in his hometown. "They call me Gritty. You would not have wanted to know Gritty, he wasn't a good person", ReRun explained. He arrived in California and became a door to door salesman. An altercation with his boss left him in a homeless situation with no pay or a place to call home. "My family back at home doesn't know the  new me, they still know me as Gritty. They haven't met ReRun".

ReRun, born Shawn, got his new nickname when he checked into Charlie Street detox after getting fired from his job. ReRun is the new person who's striving to be better. The person not defined by his past, but the guy who's always looking ahead with a smile. He finished his time there and moved to Broadway House in Santa Ana, where he says he became an expert on all things AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). Despite his claim he still struggles with sobriety. His time in Broadway house ended when he couldn't find work or sobriety and he now lives in our streets. He's picked up some small jobs like landscaping here and there, but doesn't see a permanent path for his sobriety and housing at the moment. 

ReRun has six children. Five in Philadelphia, and one in Missouri. He sometimes meets us at the park for bible study in the morning despite the fact that he is Muslim. He loves reading the bible out loud and says, "something about reading this book makes the start of my day better".