Shannon D.

“How did you know pink is my favorite color? I've loved pink since I was a little girl"

"I'm 44 years old. I have a 24-year old daughter and three beautiful granddaughters. They are the loves of my life. I want more than anything to reconnect with them and have our lives together again. Five years ago, my mom died in my arms and a few months later I became homeless and my entire life was turned upside down. My mom was young and she was my best friend. I unfortunately am still trying to get through the grief. God has brought me through some very beautiful times in my life and carried me through some of the worst. Life is hard, but I know that is all temporary and try hard to hold onto my faith and keep smiling. I love to read and write, crochet and recently discovered how much I love art! I try my best to help other people through the things I have already gone through. Sometimes it helps to just give someone a smile. 

I feel the best when I am at church or when I am caring for someone else. I have suffered much trauma but I am a survivor! I love my daughter and granddaughters and I feel very blessed even though I am homeless right now.  I have firm belief that things will get better! I love easily and deeply. I am a good friend and a good listener. Homeless is not who I am, just what I am until God brings me something more special.