“As soon as I came out the womb, I was singing.”

Ruby is amazing. She currently lives in our Santa Ana courtyard shelter and I met her at a Kings Table dinner for the homeless where she sang for all of her neighbors. Originally from Virginia, Ruby explained, “As soon as I came out of the womb, I was singing!” Singing is her passion, it’s her heart. Ruby shared how she had a good upbringing. Her mom is a doctor and her father is the ultimate handyman. “He can fix anything”, Ruby said proudly. She’s the youngest of five brothers, whom she hopes to reconcile with someday and talk more often.

 Ruby, now 26, moved out to California from Virginia when she was 21 in an attempt to stay clean. Musicians such as Patti Labelle  speak to her heart and influence her greatly. She agrees to sing whenever she is asked. Everything changes when she finished sings. Her eyes light up, and a permanent smile graces her face.  Honored, excited, and blessed to partner with what God is doing in her life. Like her earthly father, we are believing her Eternal Father is the ultimate handyman and that he is already fixing and restoring broken pieces in her life. There’s truly gold to be found in our city. Be a treasure hunter. We love who Ruby is to Santa Ana.