Robert Blanchard Painted by Jazmin Oil on Canvas, 30”x40” $800

Robert Blanchard Painted by Jazmin
Oil on Canvas, 30”x40”

robert blanchard 

“Grateful for the Light God Restored in Me” – Robert Blanchard

Robert Blanchard had always found himself getting into trouble. He was a juvenile delinquent from the age of seven through eighteen.  Even though he had a tough childhood he still had dreams.  He wanted to be a butcher or a carpenter.  Unfortunately, he took a wrong turn and spent a decade in prison.  That was Robert’s saddest moment because he didn't know what was happening out in the world, but yet thought nothing of it.  Eventually he found God. God gave him forgiveness, strength, and he also listened to him when he needed it.  Robert is grateful for that.




Dreams of being an interior designer
Important influence: My Mom
Grateful for: My life

Before I joined this class I was scared of homeless people and would try to avoid them.  I thought that it was their choice to not work because that's what I would hear people say, but I also felt so much pity for them.  I knew that I wanted to help but just couldn't figure out how because I didn’t have much to give.  I didn't know that they had stories to tell and it was really cool to hear them.  I also didn't know that a little act of kindness and just talking to them was all they might need at the moment.  My painting is celebrating Robert.  I used warm colors like orange and yellow to capture his joy and hope.  I made his eyes pop out by using blue to show the light God restored in him.