River & Rebekah

“John 4:7 Dear Friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God” 

Hello!!! Our names are River & Rebekah. We have two four legged daughters. Their names are Indicia & Azio. We are now homeless for the second time. We used to work, and had really good jobs. My husband River worked in the oil field, as the motor man/chain hand. He really loved doing this kind of work. One day, he took a slip & fall. That's when his job ended and he became disabled. I used to work in customer service for 10 plus years. I was often told by employers that I was the best agent they had. On one job in Tulsa, OK I worked with over 2,000 employees. During that time I saw over 1,500 employees come & go. However, I was chosen to stay on. Then my eyes began to fail me. I have optical nerve damage, and a doctor informed me I will eventually go completely blind. Needless to say, this has caused me to not be able to work in my profession any longer. 

Since we've become homeless, our health has worsened. We collect disability checks but the high cost of living has not been helpful in getting back on our feet. One day I was looking for homeless resource help via Facebook when I found Faces of Santa Ana. I reached out for help on behalf of both my husband and I. Brian Peterson painted our portrait & put it up for sale. We went from "hopeless to hopeful". Buyers named Lisa & Brian came forth & purchased our painting and we developed a personal relationship with them. Lisa describes the experience as a "divine appointment." The entire experience is a divine appointment created by God. It is Love, for God is Love & God's name is Love. Every one of us has our roles, in this life!

We all fit together perfectly. God is beautiful & he created union & family. It is perfect. God created our Faces of Santa Ana family. We know what true genuine love is, the kind of love Jesus gave us, and it is due to Brian Peterson painting this picture of our family. Through his love, we now have hope. We now have dreams. We now have love and lasting friendships. Faces of Santa Ana has changed us, for the better. It has impacted our lives on a daily basis. We will always keep the love we have received in our hearts, and we will continue to be a part of Faces of Santa Ana family forevermore. The beautiful Godly children we have met through FoSA will forever be in our hearts & in our minds, long after we have gone from this world. Thank you, God, for our Faces of Santa Ana family. 

- Rebekah Martin