provence family

“When I grow up, I want to be President of the United States.” - Henry Provence

Joe and Kimberly Provence have five children. Henry, Haiden, Harrison, Hailey Jane and Holley. Kimberly is the daughter of Rebekah, whom I also painted prior.  Kimberly and Joe recently moved to Santa Ana and are living out of their RV. After some family money disputes and relational problems, Kim and Joe decided to relocate closer to Kim's mother.

Joe has had a life full of trials including incarceration, substance abuse, and even being hit by a car. Joe still suffers from injuries from his accident and has medical issues with his jaw that never healed correctly after surgery. He's currently seeking disability.

Together, Joe and Kim do an amazing job as parents raising their children despite not having a home. The five kids light up every room they walk into with smiles, polite manners and loving personalities. The oldest Henry, dreams of becoming the President of the United States. Their children have just started school in Fountain Valley and Kim and Joe are now taking the time during the day to search for work and apply for government benefits. They stick close to the Faces of Santa Ana family and have recently had many encounters with God that have instilled a hopeful faith for the future.