“God saved my life by sending me to jail” 

Pam has experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows in her life. A previous owner of five businesses and the first woman on the Colorado Ski Patrol, Pam's life was more than she could hope for. Somewhere amidst the success, Pam and her husband fell victim to the abuse of heroin and she landed in jail on possession charges. While in jail, Pam's husband passed away from an overdose. Pam feels if she were a free woman, the addiction would have gotten the best of her as well. She tells a story of a moment she recalls vividly when everything changed. While sitting in her cell with an appeal for her case in one hand, and a bag of heroin in the other, Pam realized she needed to make a life choice. In one hand she held freedom, and in the other, addiction and maybe death. In this moment the sunset flooded her room with light and she lost control of her nerves and began vomiting. She proceeded to flush the heroin and recounts the moment as a time where God showed up to help her make the most important decision of her life.