Oberto Benitez Painted by Lessly Oil on Canvas, 30”x40” $800

Oberto Benitez Painted by Lessly
Oil on Canvas, 30”x40”

Oberto "Obi" benitez

“Grateful to have my sanity in situations like this” – Oberto

Oberto Benitez is a man who grew up well off, but went astray at some point in his life. Growing up, Obi wanted to be an Architect, and his happiest moment was winning the Baseball CIF Championship of his high school year in 1982. Oberto had many hardships throughout his life, one of them being losing his grandmother. Even going through tragic events, Obi was still able to have love for others like his son and daughter who are pursuing their own life goals. Oberto wants to have a livable wage and get back up and live off the streets.


lessly, 18

Dreams of becoming an Animator
Important influence: My family & friends
Grateful for: Being encouraged to be myself

When I decided to be a part of this class, I knew what kind of world it could be out in the streets, but never decided to do anything about it. Now I know that every person out there in the streets has their story, their own life to tell, and overall they all shine in bright colors with each one uniquely being their own shine. I can use my hard earned talent to help others in any way I can. My painting is a celebration of Oberto. I chose yellow for the background to represent hope. I wanted to emphasize the yellow as the brightest color and used purple as the main color to have contrast between the two. I hope this painting helps Oberto in any way it can, maybe even be another happy moment to be grateful of which he shares with family and friends.