Nicholas Painted by Adrian Oil on Canvas, 30”x40” $800

Nicholas Painted by Adrian
Oil on Canvas, 30”x40”


“I’m usually happy anyways.  I don’t let anything get me down” – Nicholas

Nicholas grew up going to school in Orange County and enjoyed going on vacations with his family. Growing up, he wanted to be a baseball player; playing the game throughout high school.  Then he joined the military and baseball wasn’t really an option anymore. Nicholas’s saddest moment in his life was when his mother passed away.  He loved his mother very much.  Nicholas found himself homeless after losing his job. Nicholas is grateful for his girlfriend who sticks with him no matter what.



adrian, 17

Dreams of being – Animator
Important influence: My Mom
Grateful for: Life, Family & Friends

Taking this class was a fun and life-changing experience. This was the first time I used oil painting, which I like more than acrylic paint. I’m very glad I decided to take this oil painting project because it has changed my views towards the homeless. I thought, like many others, that most of them were homeless due to gangs, drugs etc. I now realized that a lot of them didn’t become homeless due to drugs, but other circumstances. Most of these people are kind-hearted human beings who have amazing stories. My parents and myself usually always try to help homeless.  We give them money, food and clothes. My main drive for taking this class was to try and help the homeless in an artistic way. My painting is a celebration of Nicholas. I used the color orange because I felt like it would complement him.  I will continue to help our neighbors in the future.