Mitchell Painted by Gabriel Oil on Canvas, 30”x40” $800

Mitchell Painted by Gabriel
Oil on Canvas, 30”x40”


“Another day ahead of me” – Mitchell

Mitchell is 63 years old and he wasn’t your typical boy with dreams of becoming a firefighter or a policeman. He had dreams of being a pharmacist and helping people and cure diseases and saving people from becoming sick. His childhood was going great until he was 10-11 years old. He started getting in trouble and was getting yelled at by his father and mother. Mitchell is a father with a son. He declares that his happiest moment in his entire life was when his son was born. His son currently is 25 years old and is a little taller than Mitchell. Mitchell’s worst moment in his life was when he suffered his mother’s loss which left him completely devastated especially when he realized his mother drank herself to death.



Gabriel, 18

Dreams of being a photographer
Important influence:  Friends
Grateful for: My Family

This class was not only a great way to learn how to paint, but it taught me that we have to learn how to help each other. I was always curious about how a homeless person became who they are at this very moment. I wondered what had happened to them to make them lose their homes and for how long they are going to be there. For Mitchell's painting I used blues and whites since the happiest moment of Mitchell’s life was when his son was born. I figured blue would be right to show this event. This project not only helped me discover a unique being whom I'm never met, but it showed me how people are so full of life and how much value their life is worth. There is value in every face you see.