“I believe your job in life is to learn about your soul and how to honor it.” 

Michael, 76, moved from Salt Lake City 10 1/2 years ago. He taught elementary school for 30+ years and painted homes on the side before moving to California. Michael has two children, a son and a daughter in their 30's and 40's. He hasn't seen his family in over 10 years but has a small circle of friends here in Santa Ana. Michael believes he's experiencing homelessness as an assignment given from his Heavenly Father. Every morning Michael wakes up before the sun comes out, leaves the shelter, and walks a different path to a quiet place where he can write. He says, walking a different route restores the sense of adventure and acknowledges his inter child. This has been the routine for the last 10 years, in which he's written seven volumes focused on the messages that are embedded in everything that has been created. His work is called "The Tree of Life".

Michael's fascination with the world around him always makes for inspiring conversation. As he explains things learned over the last year, his right hand shakes uncontrollably. He explained, "The only time it stops shaking is when I begin to write. It looks like Parkinson's, but I have none of the pain associated with the disease." In writing, Michael finds his calling. "I believe your job in life is to learn about your soul and how to honor it." His book, The Tree of Life aims to explain to readers how to do just that. He writes about how our souls carry the wisdom to guide us in the way we were made to exist. As a result, homelessness is not accidental for Michael, but instead is a place where he's learned to see differently, and found time to record his thoughts. "I'm not supposed to have money, but my time here is almost done", he assured us. Life on teh streets has transformed him. We can honestly say we have never met anyone more grateful than Michael. Janice, Michael's friend of 10 years purchased his portrait. We pray the proceeds help further his mission of releasing his writings and aid in helping him weather the tough life on the streets.