Leon Hill Painted by Yaritza Oil on Canvas, 30”x40” $800

Leon Hill Painted by Yaritza
Oil on Canvas, 30”x40”

Leon hill

“I'm a peacemaker...I like peace and that's very important.” – Leon Hill

Before Leon Hill, age 61, found himself in Civic Center, he did what he could to stray away from gangs at young age. Since he was an athletic person, he stayed away from it by joining sports during his high school career. He also had, and still has, a passion for art and computers when he started high school. Leon became a computer operator because of he loved working with computers. The most precious memory Leon has is the time he met Muhammad Ali when he went to Los Angeles with a friend. He recalls being in awe of the man that stood in front of him. He admired him and to this day is stunned at the memory of his interaction with Muhammad Ali. But as much happiness he has felt, he has felt sorrow. When one of Leon’s best friends had passed, due to a burglary accident 10 years ago, it left him in pain. Leon found strength in his religious faith in God, whom has been one of the most important person to him. His mom is also very important to him. He’s grateful towards his love and pride for growing up in Orange County. Amongst his friends in Civic Centers he is known as the barber and the peacemaker. Leon has found himself being a passionate person who loves peace. While maintaining peace, he still continues to draw and has the same passion for it. His advice to a teenager is to have a strong belief in yourself and to have faith - that is important. He is the barber of the people and a bicycle repair person.  He’s also a peacemaker.



Dreams of being a fashion designer
Important influence: My older sister
Grateful for: The support of my family and friends

Before I joined the class I had no idea of the impact it would have on me. What I knew before of the homeless was stereotypes. I knew only the bad perceptions that many people others have of them. But they're people as well and others need to realize that we need to help each other. Using my skills as artist is the least I can do to help them. This class has opened my eyes to their world and I also realized that using art is more powerful than what I knew. I chose vibrant colors because I knew Leon liked the idea of peace which reminded me of a calm sunset using the bright orange and vibrant blues it reflects his passion for peace and calmness. A sunset landscape is calm and beautiful and I wanted to portray that with my color selection. With my color choices I was able to show his calmness and kindness through the colors.