“I used my hands for work, now I can't use my hands” 

I met Laura through my friend Ben whom I painted earlier. Ben does his best to look out for Laura and I have found she has many people rooting for her success. As I revealed her painting in Santa Ana's Civic Center, many residents gathered to express their concerns. They said things like, "Laura's too good to be here. She has got to get out!" Laura has great friends in Santa Ana, but the reality of a woman living without a home is a daunting challenge for her daily. Her husband was there with her for some time before getting arrested for outstanding warrants. 

Laura spent her childhood moving around with her family due to her father's occupation. She explained that she never quite felt at home and was forced to adapt to many different environments and friends groups. Her hands were her primary source of income while working as an IT specialist for years. "I used to be able to type 100 words per minute", she explained. Laura has a crippling disease in her hands and now struggles with her motor skills in her fingers. She also has a daughter who she thinks of often. They had a falling out and speak periodically, but Laura longs for a healthy relationship with her. My prayer through Faces of Santa Ana is help restore the broken relationships in her life.