Katya is a 10 year old girl living in a war torn village in Ukraine. Her village was 5,000 people now only has 500 remaining. Her town is close to the Russian border and has become victim to many violent attacks from their neighbors. Katya lives with her Mom, Grandmother, and brother. Her grandmother suffers extreme pain on a daily basis from shrapnel embedded in her body from a nearby explosion. As her family struggles to keep safe and to make ends meet, they are haunted by the decision of her father to go fight with the Russian army. Katya's father is fighting for the same side that has devastated her village. Despite the war torn landscape in Katya's village, sunflowers line the city as far as you can see. They are an image of hope to the people left in the small village. 

Paul and Julie, pictured, are missionaries that travel to the Ukraine. They met Katya on their last trip and fell in love with her. I painted this picture to help them raise funds to relocate Katya's family out of harms way.