Johnathan's Portrait.jpg

Johnathan pope

“it’s a big day for me, I might as well dress the part”

Twenty seven months ago, Johnathan Pope found himself experiencing homelessness for the second time in Downtown Santa Ana. He explained the horrors he witnessed in our city’s “flag” area where many neighbors without homes gathered in tents. John desperately aimed to land a spot in the courtyard shelter nearby. After being rejected numerous times, his determination led him to a conversation with a security guard working in the space. He was advised to come in for the normal dinnertime services, keep his head down, stay humble and quiet, and simply grab a mat and stay for bedtime. He followed directions and three to four days later, management finally noticed he was a non resident living amidst his peers without ever going through intake. Humility, cooperation, and honor helped prove that he deserved a spot in the courtyard shelter. Two and a half years later, John carries the same hope for permanent housing, and victory over homelessness in his life.

We planned to reveal his portrait at a local gathering called Kings Table, where neighbors eat a beautiful meal together as family and friends. Johnathan arrived in a tailored suit, and explained, “it’s a big day for me, I might as well dress the part”. We love how his inward expression of hope manifested in his outward appearance. He shared his journey and explained how his friend Kim’s portrait and heart change inspired him to say yes to Faces of Santa Ana. John stood this night as a gentle man, full of hope, love, and determination, ready for a new beginning. Tears flowed from his eyes as we prayed for his breakthrough after having him sign his portrait. We pray the impartation of life multiplies as he walks out the rest of this year. We are so grateful to have Johnathan Pope as part of the FOSA family. Thank you to all who support us. His painting is currently for sale. Proceeds help John with his needs, wishes, and desires.