john “BubbA”

“John knows his assignment in his current residence is to be a light amongst the darkness that plagues our city.”

John “Bubba” grew up in Southern California to a single mom, giving her all to provide for is family. She worked as a nurse, often being subject to long hours and night shifts to make ends meet. John describes her as a strong, powerful, and faith-filled mother, full of love and determination. As John reached his adolescent year, his mom’s time away from home and absence of a father figure led him to be influenced by street gangs and drug dealers. He looked up to the neighborhood leaders and found himself immersed in the culture. Getting shot, and time in prison were wake up calls that both led to a straighter path and probably saved his life.

John later was in a relationship, engaged, and had a young daughter named Stella. Six years ago, on New Years’s Eve night, his life took a devastating turn. His fiancé and young daughter were killed in a card crash. John lost everything he had, and his broken heart led him right back to the only way he knew how to cope with grieving. Heavy drinking and numbing drugs landing him on the streets and homelessness go the best of him. Along the way, his strong mother prayed and continued to invite him to bible study with her fellowship group. Her persistence, perseverance, and faith eventually overcame the grief and darkness in her son’s life. She reinstalled his hope and faith in Jesus who then mended is broken heart.

A few years ago, John’s mom also left to be with the Lord and to join his fiancé and young daughter. John has since birthed another son and maintains a relationship with his mother. He now resides in Santa Ana’s courtyard shelter where he is largely regarded as a leader, peacemaker, image of hope, and member of the Kings Table organizational team. In him is a gentle spirit, full of kind, encouraging words often used to break strongholds in his neighbors lives. John knows his assignment in his current residence is to be a light amongst the darkness that plagues our city. He aims to bring the transformative love of Jesus into an environment filled with hopelessness. His hope is contagious. His spirit is huge. We love John. Excited for his journey forward.