“When you lose your father at 8 years old that's a big hole in your life.” 

After meeting Jimbo, he soon opened up about his pains growing up and the relationship he endured with his father. He explained that his father left his mother for another woman. "When you lose your father at 8 years old that's a big hole in your life", he explained. In vivid detail, Jimbo described the times his father took him to a "friends" house that ended up being his new girlfriend. For a while he played innocently with her children until he finally reached an understanding of the situation. Jimbo was never healed from this pain rooted in his eight year old spirit. Currently, he hasn't seen his dad in over 30 years, and doesn't know if he is even alive. When he was younger, he would call his dad, buy Jimbo explained he was always too busy and usually rush their conversations. Jimbo finished by explaining that he loves walking and told us a few funny jokes. You can find him walking around Santa Ana in the late hours of the night. Jimbo claims he has found over $1,500 walking around our city. Praying that his luck continues. 

When Jimbo's portrait was revealed, his response was, "Oh lord have mercy, that is absolutely perfect. That's when I still had my SANTA ANA hat, it was brand new!!!" He then went on to notice all the nuances of the piece like the waves in his beard and the speckled grays in his eyebrows. He seemed to light up similar to the colors in the piece. Sometimes just seeing their smiles makes the creation of the piece worth it. Together, we prayed over the painting and Jimbo opened up about another sad moment in his life. In the midst of his joy, his heart ached as he was reminded of his late sister, Jennifer. I'm sure she would have wanted to be there for the reveal. Jimbo explained how she lost her life to suicide after battling extreme depression five years ago. "She was my life line and my best friend". Our hearts broke for him. The wound still seems fresh in his spirit. Thank you, Jimbo for allowing us into your life. Please pray for emotional healing and provision for Jimbo as he steps into his new season. And if you find yourself in Santa Ana, keep your eyes open for him, you'll be blessed by his gentleness, meekness, and kindness.