“Happy Birthday Kourtney”

James, a resident of Santa Ana’s streets for almost a decade, was introduced to us by our client Kimberly. Together they battled addiction and fought to maintain a relationship despite all the odds stacked against them. One day in particular, James overdosed, and had to be revived by paramedics desperately trying to save his life. Beneath James’ sad eyes, is a heart broken father, and a man searching for restoration and hope.

 Throughout the last few years, Kimberly has kept James connected with his daughter Kourtney by staying connected to his ex wife and family. Kourtney, 15, visits Santa Ana every few months to check on her dad to make sure he’s ok in hopes to keep a relationship with him. After her 15th birthday she came down to meet James after his portrait sold.  James’ ex wife Leah mentioned, “we worry about him all the time”. Through James’ family, we had a first hand encounter with how homelessness can affect a young teen.

 As a birthday gift, James decided to bless is daughter with $300 of his proceeds from FoSA. In that moment, every emotion flooded our seven person brunch table. Tears filled every eye as we watched Kourtney receive a rare gift from her dad. It was truly special. James and Kourtney hugged as we watched through watery eyes. Together, we were all blessed to break bread and share stories, dreams, and goals.