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How am I so lucky?

For the last three years, we have met some incredible people living on our streets or in local shelters. Today was no exception. We revealed Ishmael’s painting today at the Coral Motel shelter ran by If Homeless. The moment was incredibly special. Residents, staff, and my wife and mother joined for the reveal. Ishmael was incredibly moved by his painting and today he saw himself with new light and color. After the reveal, Ishmeal grabbed his guitar and sang us an amazing song. We were blown away by his talent. There’s gold hidden in our cities. It’s hidden in the hearts and souls of some of the people whom feel invisible. Let’s be treasure hunters. Today our eyes, ears, and hearts were blessed by Ishmael’s excitement and talent. His painting was auctioned at the Illumination Foundation Gala this past Sunday and his likeness, in turn raised money for the organization who has placed a roof over his head and staff at his disposal. Thank you, If Homeless for introducing me to such a wonderful soul. Thanks, Ishmael for your yes to Faces of Santa Ana. Because of you all, we are living a life worthy of the calling we have received.

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