HomeBless was dreamt up as a way to bring joy, comfort, and a place of peace to those who have previously experienced homelessness. Through love and generosity we aim to transform lives by renovating their new homes, restoring hope, and bring together a community of support.  If you're inspired by the HomeBless initiative, we'd love to have your support in remodeling the next home. 

Season 1

Meet the crew.

Meet Vanessa & Michele – the dynamic duo transforming lives (and homes) through their skilled interior services. They have taken their passion for design, details, and creative collaboration to join forces as "The Dream Team" of home decor.  Home is where the heart is, so we're building its foundation (inside and out) with unconditional love.  


Vanessa Peterson

Vanessa was born in Miami, FL. She studied Interior Design at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. Vanessa worked as an advanced color and materials designer for FCA in Auburn Hills, MI before relocating to California. She currently works as a Color Design Specialist for PPG where she produces and forecasts global color trends. 


michele lujan

Michele Lujan is a wife and mother to three kids. She has a background in education and was Co-owner of Open House Creative, an art studio in Costa Mesa. She currently homeschools her kids and is always finding new decorating projects in her family’s eclectic hundred year old home. She believes that your surroundings and decor play a large role in your daily outlook and attitude.