When my motives changed from trying to HELP the homeless, to simply LOVING the homeless, everything shifted.
— BRIAN PETERSON, Founder - Faces of Santa Ana


Our work

Our gallery features in-depth stories and real-life photography of each client we have embarked on forming relationships with. In the gallery you’ll have the opportunity to read their stories, see their smiles, and hear how Faces of Santa Ana has transformed their lives.

Click here for information and highlights from our SanArts High School collaboration.



HomeBless was dreamt up as a way to bring joy, comfort, and a place of peace to those who have previously experienced homelessness. Through love and generosity we aim to transform lives by renovating their new homes, restoring hope, and bring together a community of support.



Our large scale mural projects are a new initiative set fourth to bring love, light, and color to the cities that we call home. Murals are painted by Brian Peterson and Santa Ana street artist, Damin Lujan. Our hope is the spread our movement to walls all around the world with the radical message of love, hope, and positive affirmations that all walks of life can relate to.

our vision

We believe in a world where every person is visible, connected, and loved. Our vision for Faces of Santa Ana is wider than the 335,000 people living in Santa Ana, CA. We’ve made a foundation in our humble 27 - mile town, but we’re not done yet. From the east coast to the west coast, from North America to South America — our dream is to see a movement like the Faces of Santa Ana extend itself all around the world. Artist’s and creatives from all walks of life are beginning to come together and cultivate movements that are rich in love, relationship, and community.