Eva Perez Painted by Victoria Oil on Canvas, 30”x40” $800

Eva Perez Painted by Victoria
Oil on Canvas, 30”x40”

eva perez

“Believe and trust your parents” – Eva Perez

Eva is twenty-seven years old and grew up in the city of Santa Ana. Eva’s name is based on Adam and Eve, but is pronounced Eva in Spanish.  Eva had an awesome childhood, and by awesome she means she had everything - a lot of love and she just couldn't complain about anything.  She wanted to be a judge when she grew up. The best moment in her life was when she gave birth to her child, a baby boy, who is now twelve years old.  The saddest moment was when her father was diagnosed with dementia. She said it was just an awful experience for her seeing that her own father was losing memory and couldn't even recognize his own family.  It was awful. The most important person in her life would be Jesus.  She is grateful for everything, especially for family and friends. Her advice to teenagers would be to appreciate your family and parents and always listen to them because they are always right. She said, “Just believe and trust them.”



Dreams of being a forensic psychologist
Important influence: My parents
Grateful for: My family

When I decided to be part of this class, I didn't really pay attention to the fact what homeless people were going through besides living in the streets. I always wondered what their lives were before they started living in the streets. That's what motivated me to join this class.   Also I believe people deserve to support themselves again with a second chance to start all over again. Now I realize that each person is unique with special personalities. My painting is a celebration of Eva Perez. I used different shades of purple and pink to show how loving Eva is. Also I used yellow as a highlight and in the background to portray Eva's hope.