Elizabeth Amazon Painted by Denise  Oil on Canvas, 30”x40” $800

Elizabeth Amazon Painted by Denise
Oil on Canvas, 30”x40”

Elizabeth Amazon

“The Most Important Person is the Man Upstairs” – Elizabeth

Elizabeth Amazon is a lovely homeless woman here in Santa Ana. She was born and raised here in a Santa Ana. Elizabeth had a nice and neat childhood. She went to school, church, had her two parents and graduated from high school. The happiest moment Elizabeth experienced was graduating from Valley High School. She was a part of the class of 1976. One of her painful moments was having her son, Timothy Puebla. The person who will always be important to her is God himself. Elizabeth is grateful for everyday she has. The advice she has to offer is to stay in school, “Avoid any drugs or trouble that might head towards you. Education is important and you should take advantage of the chances you have.” 



Denise, 16

Dreams of being an art director/ illustrator
Important influence: Brothers Pedro and Enrique
Grateful for: Family’s love and support

When I began in this program, I joined with the mindset of working my hardest to help my person shine bright. I know that many shrug off homeless people and through these paintings, I want to use the best of my abilities to be able to help them. The colors I chose are very vibrant and attention grabbing. I wanted to use this pop art element to help Elizabeth be the star of the show. She deserves to be celebrated and I believe these colors show how delightful she is. The yellows represent the sunshine that may fall on her face. The red is a metaphor for the love she has.The blue is like the sky because she is an angel in a way. I really do hope that Elizabeth Amazon enjoys her painting as much as I loved painting it!