Diane Painted by Cristal  Oil on Canvas, 30”x40” $800

Diane Painted by Cristal
Oil on Canvas, 30”x40”


“I am Grateful for Breathing Everyday” – Diane

Diane has been suffering from muscular dystrophy her whole life and having muscular dystrophy is a struggle for her out there on the streets. Although she struggles from this, she shows no weakness and still seems happy. Diane’s happiest moment is being with her family, two dogs and her wife CJ. Her saddest moment was when her Mom passed away in 1999 and still to this day she is still hurt by it.



cristal, 17

Dreams of being a veterinarian
Important influence: My sister
Grateful for: My Family

Before starting this class, I viewed the homeless as non-trustworthy people and I was always afraid of them because of the way people would describe them. I would always walk by homeless people and I wouldn't even try to communicate nor make eye contact with them. After Brian Peterson came to talk to us about his encounters with the homeless I realized that homeless people are not how others described them as. I chose the colors in my painting because I wanted to capture Diane’s bright and happy self with some “Summer-y” colors.