David Brown Painted by Marisabe Oil on Canvas, 30”x40” $800

David Brown Painted by Marisabe
Oil on Canvas, 30”x40”

David Brown

“Nowadays it’s Like a Free for All” –David Brown

Originally from Connecticut, David Brown grew up in a dysfunctional, but especially loving family. He much appreciated his nurturing mother who had her own struggles, but somehow always managed. David has a passion for music and is a multitalented artist who can play the drums, bass, and keyboard to name a few. David had the dream to become a professional musician and the happiest moment of his life was when he had his first professional gig at the age of 17. Eventually, he found himself on Civic Center in Santa Ana, CA in 1978. David says back then there was more respect and now it's only ugly. David has not lost hope or direction in his life.  He remembers that God is always first. David Brown lives by the ideal of respecting and loving all and being tenacious in his goals.



Marisabel, 17

Dreams of being a neonatal nurse
Important influence: Mom and her sister Desiree
Grateful for: God and my family

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that everyone has a story, people have dreams and difficulties, goals and personalities. Being a part of the Faces of Santa Ana class has reminded me that despite differences, we are all a part of one community - a community that serves with cooperation and support.  By painting, I was able to help the homeless I see every day in a special way.  Help is always needed and I have learned that it takes small steps to make a big impact.  I can tell that David is a calm, but strong man.  He is not simple.  Although blue is a dark color, the background depicts hope because there will never be complete darkness in life.  David Brown is painted with many strokes and colors that I hope will capture his original perspective on life.