"Only real friends allow you to be mad at them"

A former teacher, police officer, and florist, you can usually find Daryl sitting at the bus stop on Main and 1st waving and giving accolades to the owners of cars with "cool" rims. He also greets every bus driver by name and has been helping the elderly on the bus regardless of his own physical condition. The customized walker he gets around with has become his signature due to the roller blades he retrofitted to its front wheels. His creativity doesn't end there; he also wears a bike helmet to protect himself from his frequent seizures that ground him. Darryl knows God is his friend. He explains, "I know because I get mad at him, and only your real friends allow you to be mad at them."

Darryl has around 50 seizures per year and is often hard to pin down. He sleeps across the street from the fire station so that he can be rushed to the ER when someone calls in result of a seizure. I often have a hard time finding Darryl because of this. Please pray unceasingly that he is safe and in good health.