Darrell Painted by Litzy Oil on Canvas, 30”x40” $800

Darrell Painted by Litzy
Oil on Canvas, 30”x40”


“Believe in God, and Keep the Faith” - Darrell

Darrell is a very cheerful, joyful, and faithful person. Growing up, Darrell did not have much, but he knew he was surrounded by his family's love. Darrell is very fond and cares a lot for his family, he is also very grateful for his   children. Darrell also possesses a calm attitude, he loves to hang out in the park and watch the sunrise. Even through all his troubles and problems he manages to have a bright smile and always believe in God.



Dreams of becoming a Teacher
Important influence: My family and friends
Grateful for: The life and the people God has given me.

When I was told that an oil painting class was going to be made, I got really excited because I had never really worked with oil paints before.  I also wanted to be in the class because I was told that my painting would help a person in need. Living in Santa Ana we see homeless people, but we never really know what to do. Painting their portraits is one way, we, Santa Ana High School students can express ourselves and at the same time help another person. While painting, we were able to bring out the hidden colors in someone who is unseen under the greyness of homelessness. I chose the color purple because purple creates calm and relaxing vibes which reflects to Darrell's attitude. I also chose the color yellow because it really complements the purple as well as adding a brightness to the painting.