“Look up in the sky, and you'll see a crescent moon, and that will be me smiling at you.” 

These were Crescent's words to all the followers of Faces of Santa Ana. He has such a kind, patient, and caring heart. It's especially evident in his story. Crescent was born in St. Louis but grew up in Chicago with his mother. She named him after the milk company, Crescent Milk. Things weren't working out for him in Chicago, so he temporarily moved with his mom to Sacramento. Around this time his mom became ill and he decided to stay on the West Coast to care for her as her health decreased. Due to her illness, eventually Crescent's mother was evicted from her home and the two of them became homeless. While on the streets, Crescent and his mother were cared for by a woman named Bahati (whom I previously painted.) This was the start of their relationship. Bahati promised Crescent's mother that she would take good care of him and move him away from Sacramento before she passed. 

She quickly made plans to move to Santa Ana and landed in Civic Center two years ago. Since then, Crescent has built quite the reputation for being a faithful and caring heart of the Civic Center, completely devoted to his woman. However, their trails as a couple are amplified by their environment, lack of shelter, and financial stress. Crescent says, "If it wasn't for love, I probably wouldn't be here right now. I just wish we could live life like everybody else. Amen to God. Without my relationship and love for her, I don't know where I'd be."

Crescent's heart is proof of the power of love. When all else fails, when hope escapes you, when darkness prevails, love shines bright. "I keep God right here (puts hand over heart) every day, and he keeps me going!" Crescent hopes to use the proceeds from his painting to purchase a van for him and Bahati. He also hopes to hire a lawyer to begin Behati's process of seeing her children again.