“I've been to the depths of Skid Row. All the stuff you hear in my songs...I've lived that crazy life.” 

Clemmie Williams grew up in a frequently homeless, abusive family – and his life since then has been far from easy even on the hip-hop standards – but the beauty of Williams' tale is the success his struggles brought for him.

"Just a year ago, I was on a bus bench up in North Hollywood," Williams says. "I've been to the depths of Skid Row. All the stuff you hear in my songs, I've lived that crazy life. Now, I've lived in a van for the last year and it's been great. I go to the beach. I leave the doors open and write. It's so much better than the bust. I'm thankful for it and everything I have."

But the transient artist doesn't use his background as an excuse for any shortcomings he may have. Williams does odd jobs every so often just to pay for his records, which he then performs at shows and open mics all over Southern California. His new album, Washifornia (a combination of the two states he's called home over the years), is a sober toast to his past and a nod toward the positive future that he's actively creating for himself and wishing upon others. 

"My goals are to get the message out, push the album to the limit, and put the money I get toward promoting the event or getting my van in better shape," Williams says.

- OC Weekly