“Being a homeless woman is especially hard” 

Cindy found herself homeless and alone after her friend died unexpectedly from a brain tumor. Together they were living out of their vehicle, and one strange morning her friend didn't wake up. Doctors informed her he suffered from a brain tumor. In this moment she was alone. Without safety, and protection, Cindy has molded herself into a smart proactive woman that takes no risk in exposing herself to the dangers of the streets. She feels her systematic sleeping habits and self-inflicted curfew save her life daily.

Cindy also suffers from emphysema. Behind her colorful personality, is a raspy voice and witty personality ready to give you the toughest forms of love.  She dreams of collecting a social security check in the next few months to finally have a comfortable place to lay her head at night with her friend Pam.

Cindy was fortunate enough to find a room in a home to sleep. She used her proceeds from her painting to pay for rent for as long as she could before all the tenants were evicted and the home was sold. She's currently back sleeping around Main and 1st St in Santa Ana. During the day you can find Cindy across from Downtown Santa Ana's fire station holding her cardboard sign trying to make enough money for her daily cup of coffee at McDonald's and chocolate ice cream before bed.