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I’m glad I’m here another day and I’m glad I can breathe and stay sober.

At one year old, Christopher was placed into the foster care system. From that early age, up until he was 18, he’d lived between two foster homes. The first home he was taken care of by two county workers and their three teenager daughters. Christopher distinctly remembers the daughters taking care of him as a baby. Later on in his life, Christopher transitioned to his second foster home in Fullerton, and was cared for by former military grandparents who then worked as farmers. In this household he had one sister and two brothers. When asked about his saddest experience in life, Christopher explained losing his foster mom to ovarian cancer took a toll on him emotionally.

Now 20 year’s removed from housing and the foster system, our new friend finds him self on the Santa Ana streets moving from place to place seeking security and community. A recent intake meeting for a local shelter has increased his hope for his future. We hope he’s accepted. Chris’ biggest dream is to simply make it off the streets. He currently carries a huge heart of gratitude and said to us today, “I’m glad I’m here another day and I’m glad I can breathe and stay sober.” It’s a beautiful thing to see Christopher around community. He never fails to greet strangers and often introduces himself to young adults and gives words of encouragement. From the age of 1 years old, his life started as an uphill battle. Along the way, he’s made decisions and gained experiences some of us will never understand. His experiences range from witnessing drug overdoses to navigating the harsh realities of our city’s streets. We can’t wait to continue to share his life and progress with you all. It’s a new day for Christopher. He closed our conversation by assuring us, “My happiest moment in life is being at church, meeting new people, and remaining close to God.” As your heart is moved by Chris’ story, please pray for provision, favor, sobriety, and shelter for our neighbor.

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