“I'd love to see the city now the wall is down” 

Ben is a military veteran that spent a few years in Berlin in the late 1970's. In meeting Ben for the first time, he explained how much he loved the city of Berlin despite the fact that there was a war going on during his visit. He dreams of seeing Berlin again since the wall was removed after the war. 

Ben's daily routine involves sitting at Starbucks on 4th and Broadway every morning. He enjoys a warm cup of coffee and reading the OC Register newspaper. After his morning routine, Ben spends the rest of the day attempting to make money for daily survival. He also tries to support a homeless friend who he fears is falling victim to heavy addiction. Ben explains that it pains him to watch street drugs of Santa Ana destroy her life. Ben tells me he prays for her every morning and night. He hopes one day his persistence in prayer will pay off.