Meet Bahati. Her name means "lucky" in Swahili. Originally from Tanzania, her father sent her to America because she was a troubled teen back in Africa. She went to high school and college here in numerous states on the west coast and became a victim of human trafficking at a young age. "Human trafficking is very real, and it's still going on today", she explained. My heart sank for her. As she began sharing more about her story and family, her demeanor changed. After first seeming irritated by me, more joy began to flow for her as she discussed the love she has for her mother. "My siblings in Tanzania tell me my mother prays for me every single day. My mother and I don't speak much because she becomes depressed when she hears how I am doing. She locks herself in her room and cries for days." Bahati dreams of visiting her mother in Tanzania with the proceeds from her sold portrait. Five years ago her green card issues were cleared and she feels the Lord is leading her back home to visit. I'm so thankful for her testimony. Welcome to Faces of Santa Ana, Bahati!