Anthony Painted by Brianna Oil on Canvas, 30”x40” $800

Anthony Painted by Brianna
Oil on Canvas, 30”x40”


“Be somebody!” – Anthony

Anthony is a very funny and smooth type of person. Growing up he was very active and youthful, but as he got older he started to get into some trouble. Anthony says that as long as he’s alive and well he’s never sulking. God himself, and his family is what is most important in his life, and what he’s most grateful for. His best advice was to stay in school, and get an education; all while becoming somebody. Never accept less, he said, when you can get more.



Dreams of becoming an influential artist
Important influence: Aunt, Brothers, Mom, Dad
Grateful for: My family and Art

When I signed up for this class I thought I had some knowledge and understandings of those who were homeless, but not to the extent of those who were mentally ill and couldn't take care of themselves. Sometimes seeing them struggling made me feel guilty and selfish in a sense that I couldn’t help them because I felt that being a teenager and being so young that my voice wouldn't be heard. People I think, tend to “dehumanize” and have their own thoughts and misinterpretations about those who are homeless, but I think they actually forget that these people are also human with real feelings and emotions and can also feel discomfort. When taking this class and learning about homelessness I felt and realized that I could possibly make an impact in a homeless person's life; even if small, anything I could do to help someone or change their perspective, would just be the greatest help and impact to me. I want people to know Anthony through the colors and overall feeling of my painting. The reasons I chose colors like reds and oranges was to capture his warm personality and I also used blues, deep purples and teals to show how much soul he has.  I feel that Anthony is a very loving and eccentric person. He’s really smooth and mellow and these colors are best reflected his personality and persona.